On the one hand Services Web Guaranteed S.C with RFC: SGW0910012T6 represented by Lic. Ana Isabel Perez Cornejo, RFC: Domiciled PECA750401QPA and I insert Quarry 50-38A, Cabbage Quarries of the Sentry, Zapopan, Jalisco. Mexico p.c. 45133 (in future, “Mexwebs “) website of lodging Web, added rent of servers private and shared, services of the branch and registry of domains; of another part the contractor (in future, “Client”) natural person or moralque compliments the hiring form that appears in with the demanded data and with that Mexwebs establishes a commercial activity through this contract.

The Client knows, understands freely and accepts, after inquiring into the characteristics of each service, the present contract. The Client will be, in any case, eldestinatario of served by Mexwebs, well for his particular use as for his resale if the referred service therefore allows it.

The present contract intends regular the conditions of the diverse services/lodging plans that Mexwebs has developed and offers&Aci rc; in the Web Both parts, Mexwebs and Cliente, are interested in formalizing the present contract accepting the terms and conditions established in the following clauses:


The conditions picked up in this contract will be of application to the following services/lodging plans:

a) Registry of Domains.

b) Plans of lodging.

c) Plans Remarketers (Resellers)

d) And any other service that is offered in the Web

The technical characteristics and prices of the services/lodging plans that are pronounced in the Web will prevail over the gathered thing in this contract and will be considered valid those that at every moment are published in the Web will be understood notified any change that affects to the services/lodging plans or that affect to the arranged thing in this contract, with the publication of these changes in the Web of



By the disposition of the service/lodging plan that gives to origin to this contract the client will have to in advance pay to Mexwebs the price corresponding to each service/plan of lodging determined in in any case the client, who appears as so in the card, is responsible for the payment of invoices even though a third party takes part in the name of the client, reason why the responsibility when facilitating them data of authentication to a third party is only and exclusively of the client.

Mexwebs will not conduct any operation on the order until the payment of the same has not been received. It will consider cash the payment when the bank credits it.

Mexwebs not makes responsible for problems that is derived by the impossibility of the identification of the payment realised by the client, as for example which the domain or reference of the order is not indicated, that the bank does not identify it correctly, etc.

The payment of the services/lodging plans have monthly, annual or biennial regularity according to service, to election of the client in the hiring form.

The payment will in advance be realised or in dollars or weights through Banking Tansferencia, Paypal, 2co.

Mexwebs will issue the invoices of each service/plan with the data of the Client who this briefs when to make the order.

Mexwebs reserves the right to temporarily suspend served before any incidence undergone in the collection of the service and/or for want of payment. If 5 days as of the date of payment pass and the payment does not take place, the services would become disconnected and be in off - line. If passed 15 days the payment had not been received, the services will be cancelled definitively by contract breach, not taking responsibility Mexwebs of the possible loss of data.

The quantity of the prices stipulated in the Web could be object of revision on the part of Mexwebs. If Mexwebs carried out a change in the prices of the services/lodging plans, such modification will be notified to the clients before they are affected by the variation in the following invoice that is emitted to them, so that if did not agree in accepting this change exercises the right to solve the present contract without needing paying to additional amount some to Mexwebs while it maintains his phelp quota. When finalizing the term of payment in advance will be resolute the contract and, therefore, it will inflict losses his service if nonacceptance of the new price stayed in his.

The payments realised to Mexwebs by anyone of the contracted services in no case will be reimbursed, unless nonpuediera Mexwebs to serve contracted. The low volunteer, or DES connection on the part of Mexwebs of the service/plan by breach of some of these conditions of use will not suppose a reimbursement on the part of Mexwebs.

If for any reason other people's to Mexwebs the client phelp to an amount superior to stipulated in the hiring or the renovation of a certain service, the extra amount will not be reimbursed in any case, being this amount in deposit for future hirings or renovations.

The present contract will in force enter the same day of its formalization, that is to say in the moment that the client accedes to the use of his service/lodging plan.

The contract will be prorogued tacitly with the payment of the following invoice, and it will not occur by finalized while the client does not declare by e-mail, with a minimum advance of 15 days and with the indications of authentication demanded by Mexwebs, the loss of the same.



In its relations with the client, Mexwebs will have to act with the diligence due in the use of its commercial activity, loyally and of good faith. Mexwebs is committed to offer, with all the means to its reach, the services optimally, striving so that the lodging of the services/plans offered by Mexwebs can be developed during 24 hours to the day, 7 days to the week of the possible safest way with the exception of the incidences that take place outside the control of Mexwebs. In addition, in this Mexwebs sense the right is reserved to temporarily interrupt the service contracted based on technical repairs and maintenance of the equipment, as well as for the improvement of the own services, not without first to inform to the clients of this interruption.

Mexwebs cannot guarantee that the availability of the services/lodging plans is continuous and uninterrupted during the period of use of the contract, due to the possibility of problems in the Internet network, failures in the equipment servers and other possible unforseeable contingencies. The client accepts to support to risks and imperfections or nonavailability of the servers, so that the used programs are technically complex and can that have not been made a will previously on all the possibilities that exist of use.

When sharing the services/lodging plans a same machine with other services/lodging plans, can take place technical problems imputable to third parties, and of which Mexwebs does not take responsibility.

The client specifically resigns to demand any responsibility, contractual or extra contractual, damages to Mexwebs by possible failures, slowness or errors in the access and use of the contracted service.

The services/lodging plans are services of lodging shared with other services of equal nature and resources. For this reason, Mexwebs reserves the right to suspend, total or partially, the fulfillment of the contract (not to serve) in the case deque notices, detects and/or verifies in its workings of maintenance an excessive consumption of memory, CPU or any other alteration that slows down the servant in whom it is located, in such a way that it harms or it entails a reduction in the benefit of the service or the rights of the clients or third parties that with him share the servant. To this end, Mexwebs will realise a temporary suspension of the service. This circumstance will notify the client so that it comes to solve this alteration, and if once reinitiated the service was backslid in such circumstance of bad faith or from continued way, some will be come to a loss of the service without right to return of amount, to consider a use abusive of the service/lodging plan.

Mexwebs will realise daily, weekly and monthly backup copies (in the dawns) or Backup of the content of the servers or servant where clientetenga lodged its webpage and all their content. Despite Mexwebs, person in charge will not be made of the accidental loss of information that by any cause other people's to Mexwebs takes place, also, will be able either to be guaranteed that in the processes of information retrieval of backup copies they can these being recovered correctly.

The access and use of the services/lodging plans are exclusive responsibility of the client, in such a way that Mexwebs does not become person in charge of any way (neither direct nor subsidiary) of any direct or indirect damage, that the client could cause to third parties.

Mexwebs is exonerated of all responsibility by the consequences that the lack of operativity of the direction e-mail of the client or of not communicating the change of direction can produce, as well as by the disinformation that allege the client due to their own negligence at the time of maintaining assets this data. He is vitally important that the client has updated and operative his direction e-mail, will be able to modify his e-mail acceding to his area of clients in the URL



• Of the content lodged in the space attributed to the client by the service/lodging plan.

• Of the errors produced by the access suppliers.

• Of the contamination by virus in its lodged equipment and/or archives, whose protection is incumbent on the client.

• Of the intrusions of third parties in the service of the client although Mexwebs it has established reasonable measures of protection.

• Of the defective configuration on the part of the client.

• Of the deteriorations of the equipment (terminal of the client) or badly use (responsibility of the client).

• Of everything what he is to him exclusively imputable to the client.

Mexwebs will offer technical attendance referring to the operation of the services/plans contracted by the client. Existing technical incidences to which Mexwebs will not be able to give help. Not offering technical support in the following cases:

• Referring questions to configuration and usability of services offered by third parties and other people's to Mexwebs. The referring questions to these services will have to go to the lender of the service at issue.

• Referring questions to the installation of scripts or operation of scripts installed by the client in its account. These questions will have to directly go towards the salesman or developer of script.

• Our equipment will not offer attendance regarding the modification of the code or programming of scripts that was not created by Mexwebs. Even so Mexwebs will advise by own initiative in the edition of programming as far as initial installation talks about, although it will not be guaranteed positive results. Our equipment of support will advise to the client recommending to him resources that are to him of help in the final resolution of incidences that are outside the competitions of Mexwebs.



The client must fulfill all the terms and conditions of this contract in the exercise of his professional activity, in addition she will have to act loyally and of good faith. The client must satisfy the agreed remuneration, as she takes shelter in this contract.



• The use that is opposite to the Mexican laws or that infringes the rights of third parties.

• The publication or the transmission of any content that, according to Mexwebs, is violent, obscene, abusive, illegal, racial, slanderous xenophobe or.

• The lodging of websites for adults is not allowed in any case (pornography). As much the pornographic material lodges or any other modality connects by means of dialers or.

• The use for any subject related to the child pornography or violent facts is prohibited.

• Cracks, serial numbers of programs or any other content that harm rights of the intellectual property of third parties.

• The use of the servant of mail of the domain and the email addresses with the aims of call Spamming (shipment of not wished massive mail, commercial type or any other nature) as well as of the mail bombing (shipment of great messages with the purpose of to block a servant).

• The shipment of more than 500 post office per day and domain totally is prohibited, independent of the nature of the sent post office.

• Networks of IRC: Absolutely a servant IRC is prohibited lodging who is part of or which he is connected to any other Network or servant of IRC. Servidoresque is connecting that is part of these Networks immediately will be removed of our Network without previous warning.

• Examples of material or I connect unacceptable: * pirate Software. * Programs, Archives or programs of hackers. * Warez Sites.

Mexwebs provides lodging plans that allow to use scripts cgi, feasible PHP and other programs. Shelp scripts more resources of the system use many that simple pages HTML, reason why prevail certain restrictions to the use of these functionalities. Scripts must consume an acceptable amount of resources of the system. Scripts that uses many cycles of CPU and much space of ram memory will have to be suspended or additional expenses will be able to be applied. Mexwebs will do all the possible one for warned the clients who use scripts if they consume a too high percentage of resources of the system, before suspending their service. Nevertheless, if scripts causes problems to the other clients or these consume too many resources, the service will be able to be interrupted without previous warning. Without right on the part of the client to reimbursement some.

One notices the client who the use abusive (or based on an incorrect programming) of MySQL and PHP (scripts of curl, persistent connection, etc.) can return incompatible the operation from the webpage in a shared servant, and to expose to the page at issue to the suspension without previous warning, with the aim to degarantizar a quality of the acceptable service for the set of the clients of the servant.

Mexwebs reserves the right to erase of its servers any account that does not meet these conditions of use, without previous warning and without the client has right to indemnification nor to return of amount some.



• To watch the size of the transference and disc space with the purpose of to take the necessary actions if it considers that its increase is excessive. For such aim, the client daily has the calls “tables of consumption” in the system of up-to-date statistics, in lasque it appears the information on the volume of every day and the accumulated ones in the month. Also it will be able to have these data under the section “Report” of the Control Panel.

• The client commits himself to maintain operative, activates and updated the direction e-mail provided in the form of hiring for the communications with Mexwebs, since she constitutes preferred mass media of Mexwebs for the agile and fluid management in the benefit of the service asked for as a result of the contractual relation that through this contract unites them. If he changed to the direction e-mail facilitated in the hiring form the client commits himself to communicate the change to Mexwebs in the maximum term of 5 days so that the communication between both contracting parts is not interrupted. Mexwebs is exonerated of all responsibility by the consequences that the lack of operativity of the direction e-mail of the client or of not communicating the change of direction can produce, as well as by the disinformation that allege the client due to their own negligence at the time of maintaining assets this data. He is vitally important that the client has updated and operative his direction e-mail.

• The client is the only person in charge of the use and conservation of login and password of the area, Control Panel of clients or any type of key that the service needed. The use of these data and the communication, even to third people, takes place under the only responsibility of the client.

• The client has the total responsibility of the content of his Web, of the information transmitted and stored of his operations, of the connections of hypertext, the vindications of third parties and the legal actions that can trigger in all the reference to intellectual property, rights of the personality and protection of minors. The client is responsible with respect to the laws and regulations in force and the rules that they have to do with the operation of the service online, electronic commerce, rights of author, public maintenance of order, as well as universal principles of use of Internet.

• The client will compensate to Mexwebs by the expenses that this one had to impute to him in some cause whose responsibility was attributable to the client, including honoraria and expenses of the lawyers of Mexwebs, even in the case of nondefinitive judicial decision.

• It is prohibited the client to accede, to modify, to visualize the configuration, structures and files of the servers of Mexwebs. Any problem that could be produced in the servers and security systems contracted by consequently direct Mexwebs of a negligent action of the client, this one will be responsible for the civil and penal responsibility that could correspond to him.



  • The payment of the order will be realised in agreement with established the general conditions of payment in this contract.
  • Mexwebs will not conduct any operation for the allocation and registry of the Name of Domain to its favor until the payment of the same has not been received. Cash will be considered the payment when the bank credits it
  • Preference of two orders will occur on the same name of domain to which it is phelp before, without considering the dates of the orders.
  • The client assures that the information that briefs in the form of the order regarding the ownership of the domain name, as well as those of the people designated as technical, administrative contact and of invoicing of the same, are certain and complete. Also, the applicant understands and assumes that she is the only person in charge to maintain updated this information.
  • Once assigned the Name of Domain to the client modifications of the Name of Domain will not be accepted and the return of the amount phelp in any case will not be accepted.
  • The costs by the registry of domain names will be the fixed ones to at every moment and for each type of domain name.
  • At any time, the client will be able to ask for the transference of the domain contracted another supplier or company of registry of domains. Not giving back itself, in no case, the amount phelp by this registry.
  • The client accepts Normas and Condiciones imposed by all the regulating organizations of names of domain in Internet.
  • The client certifies that in agreement with its knowledge, the use of the domain name does not affect the rights of intellectual property of third parts.
  • The client accepts that the registry of a domain name does not confer any legal right on the same.
  • The client accepts that she is the only person in charge of the election of this name of domain and its later maintenance.
  • The client accepts that the registry of the name is with legal aims.
  • The client accepts that she is the person in charge to all the effects of any problem on the rights of use of the name of chosen domain.
  • The client commits himself to accept any possible requirement of arbitration by the registry of a domain name.
  • The present contract is understood tacitly renewed if the parts continue in the fulfillment of their contractual obligations.
  • Mexwebs will not act as a referee for resolutions of disputes between the applicant and third parts by the use of the domain name.
  • In the assumption to exist a conflict on the attribution of a domain name, the client commits himself, where appropriate, to follow the norms on resolution of settled down conflicts by the registry responsible for the administration of the domain.
  • Mexwebs will communicate by e-mail the expiration of the registry of the corresponding domain with sufficient advance. The e-mail to which the notifications of renovation are realised will be the one that appears in the panel of client in the Web, is responsibility of the client to maintain its e-mail of updated contact. Mexwebs does not take responsibility of the problems that are derived from the fact of not receiving no notification of renovation.
  • Mexwebs does not take responsibility before the impossibility of allocation of the domain to the client for technical reasons, nonavailability of the domain once verified the payment or for any other nonattributable reason to Mexwebs.




Mexwebs is holder of all the rights of author, brands, rights of intellectual property, know-how and whichever other rights bear relation to the service/plan of contracted lodging, as well as of the necessary programs of computer for their implementation and the information that this one obtains on the same. The client must respect the programs of use by third parties made his available by Mexwebs although they would be gratuitous. The client, by virtue of the present contract, does not acquire absolutely any right or licenses with regard to the service/plan of lodging, the necessary programs of computer for the benefit of the service nor either on the technical information of pursuit of the service, exception done of the rights and necessary licenses for the fulfillment of the present contract and only for the duration of the same. For all action that exceeds the fulfillment of this contract he will need authorization on the part of Mexwebs in writing.




All information or documentation that anyone of the parts contributes to the other developing and execution of the present contract will be considered confidential and exclusive of that contributes it and it will not be able to communicate.



No of the parts will be responsible by the breach for the obligations derived from the contract and therefore it will not have right to indemnification when this breach is due to causes of Greater Force. If the suspension by this circumstance is superior to 2 months this contract will be able to be cancelled at the request of anyone of the parts.





The contract will finalize when, in addition to the causes legally established and the arranged ones in the different clauses from this contract, some of the following concurs:

a) Mutual Agreement of the parts.

b) Conclusion of the initial period of duration or the successive prorogations.

c) Resolution by breach of some of the parts of the obligations derived from the Contract.

d) When anyone of the parts is in situation of bankruptcy or suspension of payments.

If the breach of the client were cause of the resolution of the contract, Mexwebs reserves the right to finish of anticipated form the present contract and, therefore, to strip to the client of the service/plan of lodging contracted without previous warning and without the client has right to indemnification nor to return of amount some.

In case of resolution or rescission of the contract, by the causes previously mentioned or any admitted others in right, the client will have to fulfill the obligations assumed prior to the resolution of the contract against Mexwebs and third parties.


Services Web Guaranteed S.C. 



1. - The personal data that the user provides to Services Web Guaranteed S.C., such as names, address, telephone number, country, postal code, e-mail, occupation, company and those referred to its supplier of Internet and access to Internet, and/or any other that voluntarily provides to Services Web Guaranteed S.C<, when it is necessary to offer a specific service him, are including in automated archives, processings under norms of strict confidentiality and protection of data

2. - Services Web Guaranteed S.C do not share, it provides or it informs with respect to the personal data into the users to advertisers or third parties.

3. - The information is used by Services Web Guaranteed S.C with the only object to improve the supply of services to its users and could be used with commercial or statistical aims, exclusively by our company.

4. - The obtained personal data of the user will not be revealed to third people without its previous consent, except for requirement of competent authority.

5. - The user will be able, at any time, to inform any update into his personal data, including the suppression, rectification or cancellation of the same, acceding to the Area of Clients online destined for such effect

6. - Services Web Guaranteed S.C the navigator of the usuary guard automatically in his rigid disk to improve and to facilitate navigation, or with statistical aims and of analysis of general character uses archives that; in no case the archives - cookies- can read information of their rigid disk or archives created by other sites. If it does not wish that his navigator accepts the cookies automatically, he can change to that condition modifying the options of the navigator.

7. - The advertisers of Services Web Guaranteed S.C can as well use their own cookies in their respective websites that will activate when using banner. Services Web Guaranteed S.C do not take responsibility by the handling of the data obtained by third parties advertisers in the pages of them, nor by the security of the data that the user provides voluntarily in these pages.

8. - The services of emission of information to our users via e-mail count on the express authorization of the user, and in the case of not wishing to receive this type of information she will be able to inform automatically to be eliminated of the distribution listing.

9. - Services Web Guaranteed S.C., the right of being able is reserved to provide information on URLS of present clients, to those prospectuses, present clients and/or future clients, who wish to contract to the service with Services Web Guaranteed S.C either or count on, all this to way of example on our present portfolio of clients or of some type on watch whom Services Web Guaranteed S.C she provides.

10. - In case of to have obtained data by means of scripts, WHOIS or some other software that scan or obtains data of present clients and/or of servers of Services Web Guaranteed S.C, thus also as information published by third parties and with total knowledge of it supplies the previous thing, it will fall in which Industrial Espionage is denominated.

11. - The evil use of this information on the part of the prospectus, client and/or future client, will be able to have civil and/or penal consequences in case of supplying any type on watch or promotion similar or equal to offered by Services the Web Guaranteed S.C.

12. - The use of anyone of the services of Services Web Guaranteed S.C will be considered as acceptance of the terms of this Policy of Privacy on the part of the user.


Services Web Guaranteed S.C.